Into the Dragon's Maw

The story so far...

Our brave adventurers; Leafstep the Gnome Rogue, Silver the Elven Druid Ranger, Brown the Human Sage Mage, and Vanek the Human Barbarian; have all conveniently found themselves ontop the same mountain in a secluded jungle somewhere in the south of Faymoor.

With only a few minor spells and confrontation the band set off towards a very disdurbing area of the jungle they can only describe as an area of general fuckery.

As they approached the fuckery they saw a very un-natural growth of thick brambles and vines, making their treck further into the area considerably more dangerous. With a few minor scapes and bruises, and a very drained Druid, they emerged out of the brambles into a clearing surrounding an enourmous waterfall. The surrounding land and rivers have formed over the ages to resemble that of a Dragon’s Maw, and they quickly discover they are in fact in Dragon’s Maw Falls.

The crashing sound of immense amounts of water have reduced their communications to hand signals and shouts of “WHAT?!”, however they managed to communicate enough to continue their treck over a slippery, thin outcropping of the cliffs that leads directly to the waterfall itself.

Once inside the group have immediately shrouded themselves in ice to allow communication, however they failed to check their surroundings first. Luckily Leafstep, in her infinite wisdom, had a quick look before shrouded in ice.

The band are at the mouth of a large cavernous area, roughly 50m wide by 50m deep. A precarious looking path stretches away into the cavern, and a very murky pooling of water flows slowly below the path, covering what appears to be a very rough, rocky floor of the cavern, littered with debris.


Emerold Emerold

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